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Tony Kay

Tony Kay

Red Hat

Experienced Cloud and DevSecOps architect and evangelist/ trainer with excellent business and communication skills gained working directly with Engineering, Operations, field, customers, and partners worldwide for over 20 years. Former Executive Briefing, Press, and Analyst presenter with extensive global experience. Senior Principal Architect and Automation Lead in Red Hat’s Hybrid Cloud Team. Developing and deploying across Clouds (OpenShift, AWS, Azure, OSP, Bare Metal). Developed advanced training for OpenShift, and Cloud Automation. • Strong technical and architectural background • Former C/C++ developer (learning Rust/WebAssembly) • Former Security Consultant (Perimeter, Defense in Depth) • DevSecOps (Automation, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD) • Cloud and MicroService architecture skills • Popular EBC presenter (CTO/CSO/VP/Senior Architect level) • Presenter (ContainerCon, Open World, VMworld etc.,

Finally my Software Director sees me as his Chief Yak Shaver, which I take as a compliment though its perhaps not intended that way. I have extensive experience of reindenting my colleagues messy yaml #indent #indent


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