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P J Laszkowicz

P J Laszkowicz

Omnifi Foundation

Experienced creative technologist, with service and human interaction design. Over 2-decades of technology design and development experience, including over 15-years of neural network / deep learning development.

Delivered projects with some of the most successful organizations worldwide, including Apple, ARM, Audi, Citigroup, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, NVIDIA, Oracle, Porsche, Sony, United Nations, and Volkswagen Group.

Delivered multi-disciplinary projects including automotive, intelligence, identity and access management, finance, telecommunications, decentralized networks, machine learning / data science / deep learning / AI, mobile apps, bots, cloud services, core operating systems, augmented, mixed, and virtual reality, award winning video games, embedded media, wearables, and, of course, the Web.

Board level advisor, writer, and occasional speaker at events for the use of ethical source and open standards in the enterprise, & sustainable technology development.


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