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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Bailey Hayes
Taylor Thomas

WasmCloud Crash Course with Cosmonic

Bailey Hayes - Cosmonic / Taylor Thomas - Cosmonic

How can you sketch an idea for an application on a napkin and, in a few clicks, have it running live in multi-cloud, multi-edge, far-edge environments at any scale and at near native speeds. Meet the Cosmonic PaaS: the fast, secure-by-default, distributed application development platform that eliminates entire classes of development challenges and dissolves management costs. These hands-on demonstrations will bring WebAssembly to life and demonstrate the speed and ease of going from simple sketch to rapid scale with WebAssembly + Cosmonic.

What to expect:

  • Go from beginner to expert on Cosmonic
  • Deep dive demo
  • Cosmonic Platform-as-a-Service and Q&A
  • Meet some of the core contributors to wasmCloud and other core Wasm projects: Taylor Thomas and Bailey Hayes
  • Hands-on with Cosmonic and wasmCloud
  • Build several applications
  • Deploy your applications to Cosmonic and your own infrastructure simultaneously

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