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Radu Matei

Getting started with serverless WebAssembly and Spin

Radu Matei - Fermyon

Learning a new technology can be daunting, and getting started with WebAssembly on the server requires getting up to speed with both new concepts and new tooling.

With Spin https://github.com/fermyon/spin, we want to bring a delightful developer experience to building, distributing, and running serverless functions and microservices with WebAssembly.

As with any exciting early ecosystem, there are a lot of tools, libraries, and CLIs out there, and figuring out how and if they work together can be difficult. With Spin, our goal is to empower developers to go from nothing to building and iterating on their application in just a few commands: spin new , spin build, and spin up is all you need to remember.

In this workshop, we will give a guided tour into building your first serverless full-stack applications with WebAssembly and Spin with some of your favorite programming languages (such as Rust, C#, JavaScript and TypeScript, and even Python or Go).

Join us for a couple of hours and jumpstart your WebAssembly experience with Spin!

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